Kertee is an old and very historical village in Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan, located 21 kilometers to the south of Mithi city, also known as Kertigarh under the rule of the Makwana clan, It was known as Karli Nagar in Gujarati language. The village Kertee is majorily populated of Rajputs and some other castes are also inhabitant there, such as Harijan (outcaste), bheel, Bhatti Rajput, jadeja, Suther and some houses of Manghniyar Muslims. Aparart from its historical background, Kertee is also famous for an ancient well, about which locals say, is 5000 years old. Stories mention that this well was dug by the Pandava during their exile of 14 years. There are also temples of some common deities like as Oghar Nath, Pir Pithora, Pir Bhavsingh, Mard Ali Shah, Mauji, Mataji and 3 other temples of lord shiva and 1 temple of Lord krishna. This village has a pakka road, a hospital and facility of electricity and water.


Kertee is an old and very historical village in Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan, located 21 kilometers to the south of Mithi city. It is surrounded by many other villages, in the south there is Veeh, Choompni, in the east there is Malhinor, in the east of south Nikno, in the east of North New Kerto (Navotarho) in the North there is Jhapiyo and Mithi, and in the west there is Veri.

History of Makwana

In 12th century Makwana clan ruled over there, during that time the Kesar Makwana was brave and a famous ruler in Makwana. hamir soomro of Umerkot killed the father of Kesar Makwana so he took oath that he will kill Hamir, during the 12th century, a battle took place between Maharaja of Kirtigarh, Shri Kesar dev Makwana and emporer of sindh, Hamir Soomra. Only prince Kesardevji and Harpal devji survived that war. Eventually Makawanas lost the war. Prince Harpal dev decided to hid him self in the woods. During his stay in jungle, he learned different arts and black magic from the rishi munies who were living there. He decided to get his kingdom back. He moved to ‘Anhilpur patan’(Gujarat). He decided to stay at the place of hi relative Karnadev solanki son of Bheemdev Solanki. Due to his mastery in archery and sword fitting, he got the place in Raj Darbar of Anhilpur Patan. King of the state was concerned about the rebellious leader name ‘Babaro Bhut’. To test his bravery, Karna Dev(the king) sent Harpal dev to defeat Babaro. Harpal dev won the battle against Babaro and with his great intellectuals skill, he got successful to make friendship with Babro. Babaro and his men, then rebuilt the fort of Patan. As a reward of Harpaldev’s work, Karna dev gave him some villages near Patadi. Harpal dev got married to Shakti, the daughter of Karnadev solanki who helped him at initial stage. Shakti is the mother goddess of Zalas today. Two main states of Zalas in Gujarat are Limdi and Wankaner. The Zala claim descent from Harpaldev and Shaktidevi. Harpaldev had nineteen sons, one of whom was Manguji Limbdi and his son is Karansinhji Samla. There main centers are the Dhrangadhra and Surendranagar districts of Gujarat and Zalawar in Rajasthan. They are also found in Udaipur District of Rajasthan.There were a number of Zala princely states such as Zalawar, Labhowa and Wankaner. Some Zala are also found in Uttar Pradesh.

History of Sodha

Here after Raja Chandersen Sodha invaded and captured the Kirtigarh thus and thus Sodha become the rulers of Kirtigarh. Among them Ravaji Sodha he was very brave and famous warrior and ruler of this village. He had 1 Son named Maghji Sodha, who was big devote of Oghar Nath,he decided not to marry. But Oghar Nath appeared in his dream, and told him to marry with the daughter of Maher Rajputs. A famous writer of Tharparkar Amar Raisingh Rajput has written many books and poetries on the bravery and generosity of Sodha Rajputs.[1]


The main language spoken in Kertee is Dhatki language, though a segment of the population understands and speaks Sindhi, Hindi, Urdu, Kachhi language, and a little bit English. The dialect used in Dhatki language is considered neutral, though the regional influences from the states of Sindh and Rajasthan, adds an accent to the language. English is spoken with an Sindhi accent.


The village is majorily populated by Rajputs and some other castes also inhabitant there, such as Harijan (outcaste), bheel, Bhatti Rajput, jadeja, Suther and some houses of Manghniyar Muslims. In this age, where religious discrimination is being used for dividing the people and spreading the hatred, where Kertee is perfect example there you won't find any such thing, like Hindu joins Muslims in celebrating Eid and urs of Mard Ali Shah, Likewise Muslims joins Hindu in the celebration of Diwali and Holi, seeing Muslims and Hindus exchanging gifts and having fun together is rare thing, you would find else where.

Notable Alumni

Khanji Sodha -Famous village headman (Mukhiya).
Venjhrajsingh Sodha - A wise man and ex DEO.
Dujaisingh Sodha - A famous, wise and a highly knowledgable person of our community. Ex Headmaster of Government Boys Higher Secondary School Kertee and ex Dipty Director of Education Officers.
Premsingh Sodha- Well known teacher.
Anchalsingh Sodha- A wise person with a great knowledge of Literature and a best teacher of his time.
Khangharsingh Maher - Talkua Education Officer (TEO) and famous socially active person, Board director at TRDP, also working in Microfinance and LSO.
Girdhari Suther- A highly appreciated teacher and a best teacher of Sindhi and Hindi.
Vishansingh Sodha -
Suransingh Sodha - Member of Microfinance and a political person, a well known Comprade, graduated from Sindh University.
Chandansingh Sodha- A famous painter and a highly talented person, with a great knowledge of art and literature.
Devrajsingh Sodha[2][3] - Headmaster of Government Primary Boys High School Kertee.
Kirshan Bheel - Leader of Bheel community.
Darhoon Manghniyar - A primary teacher and best merchant of village.

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